A short history of the Seventh Day Adventist church in Protvino


Seventh Day Adventists appeared in Protvino for the first time at November 1989, when first missionaries from Zaokskii Theology Seminary, M.Kulakov, R.Volkoslavskii and Zaokskii college choir, came to visit our town. From December 1989 to March 1990 the Bible study lessons were organized and about 100 people attended these classes. First people, which became Adventists in Protvino, were Lyapunov Grigorii and Lyapunova Tatiana, they were baptized at September 15th 1990.


Church was officially organized at February 22nd 1992. There were seven members at that time. Viktor Gomer, who graduated Zaokskii Theology Seminary, became the first pastor of the Protvino SDA church. Initially, we rented an auditorium in Protvino technical college for our services, then we moved Sabbath service to the small auditorium of the "Proton" concert hall. In 1993, when Gomer family moved to Novosibirsk, they gave their apartment in Kremenki town as a gift to the Protvino church. It was decided at the church board to sell this apartment and to buy an apartment in Protvino. It was done and we use this apartment for the church needs (evening services at Sabbath, seminars, Bible courses).


At this time (2014) there are more than 80 members in Protvino church. We hope that we will grow up in future, both spiritually and numerically. We give thanks to our Lord for His love, guidance and support and will continue to spread the Gospel in our town and beyond.


May God bless you !